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Highly Reliable and Scalable Strip Pouch Packagers and Prescription Verification Systems by Noritsu

Highly Reliable and Scalable Strip Pouch Packagers and Prescription Verification Systems by Noritsu

Noritsu cares about your business and will take the time to learn about your specific needs in order to provide the best solution possible. You can expect personalized service and dependable packaging and workflow solutions.

Company Background

Noritsu Pharmacy Automation believes in the concept of partnering with its customers. We take pride in the longevity of the relationships we establish with the pharmacies we serve. Specializing in strip pouch packaging, verification equipment, and workflow software, Noritsu can help assess your pharmacy’s efficiency and provide a solution that best fits your business. We understand that you need a return on your investment in automation so our sales, integration, and support teams, focus on making your workflow as efficient as possible.

Product Overview

Noritsu Pharmacy Automation carries a wide variety of proven strip pouch packaging equipment, verification systems, accessories, and supplies. Noritsu packagers offer reliability, uninterrupted workflow, and granular control over all aspects of packaging.

Your business relies on your ability to produce. Our equipment is used in some of the busiest pharmacies in the world because of its ease of use and solid build quality that stands up to constant production.

Strip pouch printing, fill parameters, use of blank and empty pouches, fill order, and dosing times are all highly configurable and can be stored by customer. This has a dual effect. It maximizes production because it minimizes the need for a pharmacist or tech to intervene with the workflow. And, the ability to offer caregivers customized packaging differentiates your pharmacy from the competition or other packaging methods.

Noritsu NexusRx software drives all of the packagers so whether you are working on the scalable Z Series or the high production 4000 Series, operations and feature sets are the same, kept up to date with the ever-changing pharmacy industry, and compatible with all major PMS software.

-Noritsu Z Series Strip Pouch Packagers

Our scalable Z Series packagers allow for start-up and growth of your adherence packaging business. Compact, fast, and accurate, the Z-Series is available in three configurations to meet the production and space requirements of nearly any location. Choose from the one hundred cassette Z-100, the fifty cassette Z-50, or the tray only Z.

Each configuration offers our unique space-saving design, predictive medication forecasting to minimize operational disruption, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

-Noritsu Medication Detection Solutions

The MDM series of prescription verification systems check strip pouches visually against a custom library built using your own formulary. Pouches are imaged and verified using high-speed cameras, making sure that the right pills are going to the right patient. Any anomalies are flagged to be checked by a pharmacist to verify, drastically reducing the amount of time your pharmacists spend handling and going over the medications.

Available in three configurations, from the flagship MDM 3 that adds the option to automatically roll and sort based on your criteria, to the counter-top sized MDM 1. We will help you find a verification system that works for you.

-Workflow Software

Built around the concept of “batch processing” NexusRx allows granular control over packaging. Our Noritsu NexusRx workflow software has been designed and is continually updated using feedback from many of our partner pharmacies. By grouping and storing production parameters, and monitoring ongoing production, NexusRx is able to maximize your workflow and gives you detailed control over the pharmacy floor.

NexusRx also offers expanded production options, like the ability to update or change NDC’s or create eKit’s, PRN’s, and dailies, all without interrupting production. Another unique feature, NexusRx Friendly Time, lets you quickly and easily group dosing instructions into blocks of time as opposed to specific times, making life easier for both patients and caregivers.

Our Nexus Perfect Pouch system gives you detailed control over labeling down to facility, ward, patient, medication types, and more. You can customize each pouch based on the requirements of caregivers, offering an attractive and easy-to-use package that also helps to improve patient safety and compliance.

-Support Services

Noritsu has been supporting its customers for over 50 years with our own in-house, nationwide support team. While our systems are extremely reliable, so are our integration and support teams. Whether its scheduled maintenance, integration services, or repairs, you can be confident that your service tech will be prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly.


“One of our goals with this pharmacy was to bring “next-gen” technology and processes to the marketplace. Noritsu became a great decision and a key business partner for us. They’ve helped us gain significant labor and operational efficiencies using their products, and their technical support is always there for us when we need it. They have become the best and most significant strategic partner I’ve ever selected.” — Doug Smock/Owner, Infinity Pharmacy, Richardson, TX

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