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Medicine-On-Time a CSS Health Co., Helping Pharmacies Master Medication Adherence

Medicine-On-Time a CSS Health Co., Helping Pharmacies Master Medication Adherence

More than just a packaging company, Medicine-On-Time pharmacies are supported by a full team of pharmacy industry experts in the clinical, retail, and long-term care divisions of pharmacy. Our partnership helps pharmacies service diverse patient populations.

Company Background

Medicine-On-Time, A CSS Health Company, improves patient health through a unique combination of innovative technology, personal engagement, and proven processes to help pharmacies achieve better performance and patients enjoy healthier lives. With Medicine-On- Time, pharmacies simplify the preparation and packaging of complex medication regimens for patients, ensuring better medication adherence, higher PDC scores, and improved pharmacy performance.

Product Overview

Medicine-On-Time and CSS Health serve the needs of all pharmacies through a broad array of products and services including; integrated patient management software for pharmacy workflow, medication compliance packaging designed to meet the unique needs of patients in any care setting, medication therapy management, comprehensive medication reconciliation, and comprehensive clinical review.

Dedicated Pharmacy Partner

For many, the community pharmacy plays a vital role in the health of those they serve. Your customers rely on you to provide solutions that help them stay healthy, no matter what. To them, your guidance is essential. However, slower growth, mounting costs, and reduced reimbursements have challenged the viability of the community pharmacy. In these unprecedented times, it’s important to align your pharmacy business with a dedicated partner. One who listens and provides the products you need to serve your diverse community of customers. One who provides the resources and continual support you need to grow and be successful.

We support pharmacies across the country, serving patients in long term care settings and those remaining at home. From day one to one thousand and one, we support you.

Responsive To You*

Based on feedback from our customers, we continue to create package types that are reflective of market needs, while improving existing products to work better for our pharmacy partners. The development of more packaging types helps pharmacies face the changing landscape in which medication adherence is essential for everyone, not just the elderly or chronically ill.

Through our survey, we also found that pharmacies find our products and services to be essential to their business. Our customers commended us on our versatility of packaging options; allowing them to service their community at large in a multitude of ways, while providing the same support they continue to rely on. In fact, 93% of our survey respondents stated that they would recommend us to another pharmacy.

What Pharmacies Care About Now

Our pharmacy partners tell us when selecting a compliance packaging solution for their business, the following are important:

-Versatility: To meet the needs of diverse communities, pharmacies need options when it comes to dispensing cycles. In our survey, we found that 70% bill for a 30 days’ supply and that using a seven or 28-day card is not cost-effective or time-efficient. Our most commonly used product, MOT Complete uses a calendar format, giving the pharmacy the versatility to fill for anywhere from one to 35 days’ supply.

-Accuracy: Medication errors have a major impact on patients and their families, especially when managing complex regimens. MOT Complete provides peace of mind with clearly labeled dose cups and drug images printed on every package including specific dose times.

For pharmacies serving communities with less advanced regimens, our semi-automated CircuPack Solution offers a step into automation without the large capital investment or significant space compromise.

-Responsiveness: Your investment in a compliance packaging solution should be more than just consumables or software. Our respondents stated that among other aspects of our offerings, our customer and technical support topped the list when it comes to recommendation. A team of nationally certified pharmacy technicians and IT experts support our pharmacies. In addition to customer support, we offer a team of marketing and account development experts to help you promote your business.

Our Products

• MOT Complete – Customized Patient Medication Packaging

• CircuPack – Adherence Packaging for up to Six Medications

• Single Dose/Unit Dose Packaging – Cold Seal and Heat Seal 30/31, 60, and 62

• Compliance Packaging – Start-up Multi-dose Compliance Package Options

• And More

Contact Information

For more information on how Medicine-On-Time works, contact your Medicine-On-Time specialist at (800) 722-8824, extension 833.

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