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De-Complicating 340B

The 340B program involves mandates, contracts, eligibility requirements, price discounts, and more. To say the least—340B is complicated. However, the 340B Architect Solution from Macro Helix takes away the management complexities through its software. For the health organization, the platform:

Dispenses 340B drugs.

Acquires 340B drug approvals quickly and accurately.

Integrates with any pharmaceutical wholesaler that dispenses 340B-eligible drugs.

Sets up a perpetual inventory replenishment.

Maintains compliance through complete audit preparation and support service.

So, if your hospital or health system garners qualification to run a 340B program, Macro Helix gets the 340B Architect Solution off the ground with ease and simplicity. And with an efficient launch, management can maximize the 340B program to expand the scope of treatable patients, increase reimbursements, and improve overall revenue. 

Macro Helix also understands that complex regulatory and audit requirements are constant and must be managed carefully to maintain compliance. Their 340B Architect software has the pharmacy’s back so you can focus on the health of your patients. 

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