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What do you need to know to take on 2020?



What do you need to know to take on 2020?

This month, we're taking on topics that will help you succeed and grow in the new year. Including a just announced panel discussion on the covid-19 vaccine.  We'll talk with pharmacists and experts to help you get to the root of what you need to know about certifying to administer the vaccine. 

Checkout the full line up below which is packed with more great content, and a special appearance by Giovanni Livera. 

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The November Lineup
- Live a Thousand Years, the Big Reset with Giovanni Livera
- Inventory tips and tricks for the highest pharmacy profits with RMS CEO Brad Jones
- The Covid-19 Vaccine - What pharmacies need to know. A panel discussion
- And as always, a Q&A following the presentation

P.S. By popular demand, RMS customers (and anyone else who's interested) can stay tuned after the CLIMB Webinar for a special insider look at how to use the RMS system to accomplish CLIMB goals. 

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