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Meet EvolutionPOS by Retail Management Solutions.

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EvolutionPOS by Retail Management Solutions is a mobile point-of-sale system that places all the register functions right in your hands. EvolutionPOS gives pharmacies the ability to ring a sale up anywhere from the pharmacy counter to curbside for convenient patient pick-up. Pharmacies can choose their Star-Lite or Star-Plus back-office systems to provide real-time transaction reporting and trends, as well as inventory management and ordering efficiencies.

EvolutionPOS expedites the process of finding all prescriptions for a given patient, clarifies employee task management, and reduces customer perceptions that the health care system repeatedly asks them for redundant information and payment steps. The handheld, touch-screen terminals communicate with a pharmacy’s point-of-sale server, immediately, wirelessly and securely. Many functions are available with EvolutionPOS, including integrated credit card swiping, receipt printing, health program cards (FSA/HSA), patient counseling and much more.

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