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Sentry technology now seamlessly integrated with the ‘Big Three’ drug distributors, with Civica Rx and others being added

Sentry technology now seamlessly integrated with the ‘Big Three’ drug distributors, with Civica Rx and others being added

As part of our focus on being a trusted partner to 340B covered entities and simplifying compliance, Sentry Data Systems is proud to announce that its Sentinel platform now features fully seamless integration with each of the so-called ‘Big Three’ drug wholesalers: McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health.

The enhancement means that Sentry customers can now order drugs directly from any of the ‘Big Three’ platforms, with the order automatically routed to Sentry, where we take care of entering invoices, calculating accumulations, splitting orders and determining 340B eligibility. Because covered entities no longer have to do those things manually, the risk of error is diminished.

Integrating seamlessly with McKesson’s platform is the latest benefit for Sentry customers and is expected to be fully completed by the end of 2020. It follows full-suite integration in 2019 with AmerisourceBergen’s ABC Passport drug-ordering platform and Sentry’s longstanding seamless integration with Cardinal Health.

Beyond the ‘Big Three’

In addition, we are now integrated with several smaller distributors, including FFF Enterprises and its RFID-enabled drug consignment cabinets, so reports can automatically be generated whenever they dispense drugs from the cabinets and then sent to Sentry for processing. We also offer integration with a growing number of drug manufacturers including Morris & Dickson, Baxter and Civica Rx.

Sentry is the first 340B technology vendor to integrate with Civica, a nonprofit, FDA-approved drug manufacturer and distributor focused on the critical shortages and high prices of essential generic drugs. Launched in 2018, Civica produces generic drugs that are no longer under patent protection and sells them directly to hospitals. It also provides its essential medications to 340B eligible hospitals.

By integrating Civica with our platform, customers can continue to order in-demand medications directly from the nonprofit, but they no longer have to manually enter purchases, quantities or other information into Sentinel. Customers for now still have to place their orders directly with Civica, but their purchases will automatically update their accumulations and be reflected in their audit.

Sentry plans to soon expand to full-suite integration, where Sentry will automate the splitting process for any given drug without the customer needing to log into Sentinel while retaining full access to Civica’s inventory.

As another example, we are working on becoming integrated with Cardinal Health – Puerto Rico to better serve a customer there, and have integration plans with many other vendors in the works. It’s an illustration of how Sentry is quickly evolving to take advantage of new technology opportunities with drug wholesalers to expand capabilities and benefit our customers.

How seamless is your integration?

While the degree of integration beyond the big three varies by vendor, due to different levels of technology capabilities among them, Sentry is constantly working toward seamless integration. The goal is to automate order processing, invoice generation, accumulation tracking, splitting and 340B eligibility determination, making it faster and more efficient for customers to maintain compliance and achieve maximum 340B savings. By electronically transmitting all the necessary documents, Sentry will automatically let customers know what portions of the orders — and which patients — are eligible for 340B discounts.

We’re not content to stop where we are and are constantly looking to develop new integrations with drug-ordering platforms as the technologies underpinning them allow it.

It’s our way of underlining our commitment to take advantage of new opportunities to help our customers access critical, affordable drugs and maximize their 340B program benefits.

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