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iA – Unleashing the Full Potential of Pharmacy

iA – Unleashing the Full Potential of Pharmacy

With our leading-edge automation and software solutions, we partner with pharmacy providers to transform pharmacy by deepening the patient-pharmacist relationship, enhancing patient safety and increasing operational efficiency.

Company Background

At the heart of iA, we are passionate about pharmacy. Everything we do is designed to allow pharmacists to make a difference in the health and well-being of their patients. By inventing and developing leading-edge pharmacy automation solutions for every type of pharmacy – from retail to mail-order and central fill – iA works with our customers to tailor our solutions to meet their needs and scale to support the growth of their pharmacy. Together, we can empower pharmacy providers and pharmacists to unleash the full potential of pharmacy. Product Overview iA’s pharmacy automation and software solutions enable pharmacists to focus on patient care beginning with its leading-edge suite of intelligent software solutions, iA Symphony Software. Developed to dynamically optimize prescription fulfillment from end-to-end, iA Symphony Software will manage prescription input to delivered prescription. Supported by iA’s hardware solutions, iA Symphony Software enables pharmacies to improve efficiencies and accuracy.

iA Pharmacy Automation Solutions for Retail and Health Systems Pharmacy

 -iA Symphony Software

Our industry-leading suite of intelligent software solutions that are central to the entire prescription fulfillment process – from one to many. The power of iA Symphony Software is its sophisticated workflow management system with checks and balances that allow it to examine every touchpoint, changing and adjusting as necessary to ensure prescriptions are on time and accurately fulfilled. iA Symphony Software can easily connect with iA robotics, connect with other hardware suppliers, and connect with any pharmacy management system software – enabling pharmacy providers to see and control their operation.

-iA SmartCabinet

The starting point for retail pharmacy automation. iA SmartCabinet features the industry’s smallest footprint and brings the benefits of pharmacy automation to the retail pharmacy environment with a two-cabinet system capable of dispensing 45% of the daily volume of top-moving countable medications. Unleashing the full potential of pharmacy begins with the iA SmartCabinet.

-iA Cabinet

iA’s scalable solution that allows any pharmacy to grow and build its pharmacy automation solution to align with prescription volume. iA Cabinet simultaneously counts orders, auto-calibrates and maximizes productivity in a way that aligns with your prescription volume. n iA LightWay iA’s customizable light-to-pick solution for will-call, storage and retrieval, order collation and inventory control processes across pharmacies. Developed specifically for pharmacy, iA LightWay increases efficiency and accuracy of fulfillment.

-iA Dispenser

The cornerstone of iA’s pharmacy automation dispensing solutions. Each iA Dispenser is an independent smart device, powered by iA Symphony Software, that is used in conjunction with pill counting technology and that can be configured to store, count and dispense virtually all tablet/capsule medications simultaneously within any pharmacy environment.

iA High-Volume Pharmacy Automation Solutions for Central Fill and Mail-Order Pharmacy

iA works with pharmacy providers across the country and around the world to create central fill and mail-order pharmacy solutions, working with pharmacy providers to ensure that patients are able to get their medications and therapies when and where they want them – at the store, delivered to their home or through the mail. iA pharmacy automation solutions can scale to meet any level of central fill or mailorder pharmacy.

iA High-Volume Solutions feature a range of technologies, tools and resources that enable pharmacy providers to realize dramatic improvements across all aspects of their operation

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To learn how our leading-edge iA pharmacy automation and software solutions can unleash the full potential of pharmacy, call (607) 352-2146 or email 

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