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Medication Made Simple — Adherence Packaging From Jones Healthcare Group [VIDEO]

Jones Healthcare Group

Medication Made Simple  

Company Background 

Jones Healthcare Group is a world-class provider of progressive packaging and medication dispensing solutions. For over a century, the company’s partnerships, knowledge, and expertise across healthcare sectors have provided insights and opportunities for clients in response to evolving market needs. Jones has been a long-time, trusted partner to some of the most recognized global pharmaceutical and wellness brands, and the largest pharmacy groups across the world. The company’s full-service and integrated offering includes graphic and CAD design, print and conversion for folding cartons, pressure sensitive labels and intelligent packaging, blistering, bottling, pouching, convenience vial filling and secondary packaging services, as well as a range of medication dispensing and delivery products. From packaging that protects and informs, to new platforms that improve consumer outcomes — Jones Healthcare Group is packaging the future of healthcare. 

Product Overview 

Qube Multi-Dose Medication Management System When Bigger is Better Accommodating an entire week’s worth of medication in high-capacity blisters, the Qube adherence package helps patients take the right medications at the right time, no matter how complex the regime. 

Qube31 Multi-Dose Medication Management System Adherence Packaging for Longer Medication Cycles 

Designed to hold up to 31 medication passes, Qube31 is the perfect solution for pharmacies looking to offer patients calendarized adherence packaging and for those with established monthly med-synch programs using SynMed® automation. 

FlexRx™ Multi-Dose Medication Management System Functionality and Brand Presence Rolled Into One 

The FlexRx adherence package offers patients flexibility and portability with its detachable high-capacity blisters, while full customization opportunities allow pharmacies to showcase their brand in a costeffective way. 

FlexRx™ Light Medication Management System Optimal Flexibility for Pharmacists and Patients 

With detachable high-capacity blisters, FlexRx Light is an economical solution for patients taking multiple medications and pharmacists looking to offer a versatile medication management tool. 

31-Day Single-Dose Medication Management System Designed With Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency in Mind 

To meet the needs of today’s busy pharmacy, our monthly single-dose card comes in two versions — a one-piece panel and grid combination for manual preparation, and a pre-separated panel and grid design that streamlines filling in automated workflow technologies for high-volume pharmacies with automation capabilities. 

Branded Box Solutions for Strip Packaging Convenient, Customizable Storage for Pharmacy Automated Packaging 

Build your brand and drive patient adherence using a customizable strip packaging box solution compatible with all pharmacy automation technologies. With a number of sizes, HIPAA-compliant formats and the option to print up to nine colors, our boxes are designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow, accommodate your dispensing preferences, and showcase your pharmacy brand. 

Value-Added Offering 

• Industry-leading technical support. 

• World-class design services. 

• Bold graphics with up to nine colors making packaging easy for healthcare providers and patients to use. 

Pharmacy Automation Compatibility 

Integration into leading pharmacy automation systems, including: 

• SynMed® XF, Ultra and Assist 

• BlistAssist® 

• SmartCardRx™ | Parata 

• Manchac Technologies DOSIS® Systems 

Markets Served 

• Central Fill 

• Retail Chain 

• Independent Retail 

• Long-Term Care 

• Assisted Living 

• Retirement Community 

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