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Sentry wraps up record-breaking year for training users

While 2020 has been a difficult year in healthcare for many reasons, it’s also been a year of tremendous growth for Sentry’s training and education offerings. We’ve made great strides toward our goal of educating our customers on how to make full use of Sentry’s tools and maximize their 340B savings, with more progress in store for 2021.

Year in review

This year, we provided nearly 3,000 training sessions — more than ever before and surpassing our own internal goal. We’ve been adding new resources and new information to the Sentry Customer Success Community, which is also where you can find our catalog of training courses. Our instructional designer is working at top speed, designing leaders’ guides and additional materials to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand.

Even if you’ve been through implementation and go-live instructional courses, we have many post-go-live training options available in our catalog. The new courses cover topics of general interest, such as enhancements and new products or features, as well as focused content to more specific audiences including:

We’ve also had 21 additional consultants go through our Foundations training. Foundations is an intensive 12-week, interactive instructional program that provides training on all of Sentry’s solutions and has provided great benefit to our customers who have completed the program. We are looking forward to our first Foundations program offering in February 2021.

All of this comes on top of changes we’ve made to the program in 2020 — including launching the Foundations Certificate program. We also added custom training options and a number of new webinars, with more than 2,000 attendees since May on topics including telemedicine, inventory management and what to expect in an HRSA audit. Additionally, our team has earned certificates and continues to develop their skills as members of the Association for Talent Development, the leading organization for training professionals.

Finally, we’ve invested time and energy in improving our own processes to better serve our customers. Two examples are making enhancements to our Customer Success Community and redesigning some of our most important courses.

More to come

Our training and education program has come a long way in 2020 and built great momentum that we plan to carry into 2021. We’re looking forward to an exciting new year with many enhancements to our training programs based on feedback we’ve received from our customers, and we look forward to serving you so we can navigate the complex and ever-changing 340B environment together. We look forward to serving the learning needs of our customers in the coming year and beyond.

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