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Verity Solutions #1 for 340B Management Systems for Fourth Year in a Row

Kirkland, WA—Verity Solutions has been recognized as Best in KLAS for 340B Management Systems (3+ Covered Entities) in the Best in KLAS: Software & Services report, released on February 2, 2021. This is the fourth consecutive win for Verity Solutions, the only organization in the 340B Management Systems category to accomplish this.

“Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals across the globe take the time to share their voice with KLAS,” said KLAS President Adam Gale. “They know that sharing their perspective helps vendors to improve and helps their peers make better decisions. These conversations are a constant reminder to me of how necessary accurate, honest, and impartial reporting is in the healthcare industry. The Best in KLAS report and the awards it contains set the standard of excellence for software and services firms. Vendors who win the title of “Best in KLAS” should celebrate and remember that providers now accept only the best from their products and services. The Best in KLAS award serves as a signal to provider and payer organizations that they should expect excellence from the winning vendors.”

Verity 340B® is one of the most comprehensive 340B program management solutions available for covered entities allowing hospitals, IDNs, Community Health Centers, FQHCs, and their retail pharmacies to quickly and easily scale their 340B program. Hundreds of health systems rely on Verity Solutions to simplify their 340B program administration, optimize federal pricing benefits, and leverage their expert team.

“With the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic this past year, especially to those in the healthcare industry, we’re especially honored to be recognized again as Best in KLAS,” said Verity CEO, George Puckett. “We are fully committed to our customers and the positive impact they make in their communities through the benefits of the 340B program. This kind of recognition pushes us to continually invest in our software, services, and people to exceed expectations.”

About KLAS

KLAS is a data-driven company on a mission to improve the world’s healthcare by enabling provider and payer voices to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals, KLAS collects insights on software, services, and medical equipment to deliver reports, trending data and statistical overviews. KLAS data is accurate, honest and impartial. The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. To learn more about KLAS and the insights we provide, visit

About Verity Solutions

Verity Solutions partners with hospitals, community health centers and retail pharmacies across the U.S. to provide solutions for administration of the federal 340B drug pricing program. Our mission is to make every aspect of 340B program management transparent and understandable, providing agile and proactive solutions to those who serve the most vulnerable in our communities. For more information, visit

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