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ePrescription: Giving Time Back to Patient Care

The bottom line—Pharmacists did not have to decipher physician handwriting with ePrescribing. However, many more benefits occurred with this innovation. ePrescribing brought a more convenient, cheaper, and safer prescribing alternative for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Momentum began in 2003 and continues today with a history of reduced medical errors and increased patient safety. 1

Surescripts’ ePrescribing is its signature service for increasing medication adherence, reducing prescription fraud, and providing an efficient tool for prescription management. The following three areas of ePrescribing improve the prescription process for physicians, pharmacists, and patients, they include:

Standard Prescription Transactions: Allowing clinicians to improve workflow and securely make ePrescribe transactions with NewRx, RefillRequest, RxChange, and CancelRx.

Electronic Prescribing For Controlled Substances: Integrating ePrescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) within existing technology, increasing safety and security.

Long-Term & Post-Acute Care: Supporting ePrescription transactions in critical care areas where clinical staff must have total confidence in prescription accuracy and efficiency.

When it comes to e-prescribing, Surescripts resides in the middle of it all, enabling e-prescribing every second of every day in communities throughout the country.



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