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A POS for Success

The investment in a Point-of-Sale (POS) system must prove profitable and customer-centric quickly. The technology should make employee’s life noticeably easier by its capabilities to conduct a fast check-out for customers, manage inventory, and generate reports that would take hours to produce manually. And the system, which is the central point to all pharmacy operations, ought to ensure a top-rated customer experience and enhance its reputation.

Retail Management Solutions (RMS) creates this environment and more for its pharmacy clients. With its Star~Plus, the pharmacy staff has an intuitive, easy system at the forefront of day-to-day activities, supported by a powerful back-office system. The valuable feature offered to pharmacy owners is total control over everything in the store, from cash management to employee accountability to merchandising. And with success comes scalability with Star~Plus.   

What sets RMS apart for its customers is that the support team consists of incredibly bright individuals with great people skills. They listen, resolve issues, and — best of all— understand the urgency when you have customers waiting.


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