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Robotics is the Future for Pharmacies

The goal is to focus on clinical tasks by spending less time locating, picking, and verifying medications. Pharmacists care about efficiency, and so does the team at Swisslog Healthcare who designed the ultimate pharmacy storage solution called BoxPicker so pharmacies can concentrate on customers.

Why is this an ultimate solution? Because BoxPicker provides pharmacies with secure, high-density medications storage. The system controls access, improves workflows, and expedites the picking process. Automating medication storage eliminates error through controlled access to only a single box at a time.

BoxPicker is a highly configurable solution, with options for multiple workstations on one or both sides of the system. BoxPicker supports USP <797> compliance by providing a secure pass-through to anterooms. These are also modular solutions that accommodate ambient, refrigerated, and dual-temperature storage requirements.

The future has arrived for pharmacies with intelligent robotic picking and scan-in and scan-out dispensing technology.


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