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The Smart Solution for 340B

Using a 340B program to expand your scope of treatable patients can benefit your healthcare organization by increasing reimbursements and improving overall revenue. But program participation comes with complex regulatory and audit requirements that staff must manage carefully to maintain compliance.

This is where Macro Helix comes in as their 340B Architect software simplifies the complexities of managing a 340B so you can focus on the health of your patients and your organization. The software comes with high-touch customer relationship features that allow staff to:

Get 340B drug approvals quickly and accurately with automated NDC/CDM verification.

Integrate with any pharmaceutical wholesaler to dispense 340B-eligible drugs.

Establish a perpetual inventory replenishment and split billing.

Test and qualify electronic prescriptions for 340B inside and outside your facility with 340B written location.

Dispense 340B drugs in your hospital and via a retail contract pharmacy with the same platform.

The Macro Helix experts want you to maximize the 340B Architect solution, which is why your team will always receive ongoing education, consultation, and collaboration.


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