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Innovative filling and labeling machine for compounding pharmacies

MedXL has been committed to providing medical devices to pharmaceutical, consumer, and healthcare communities for over 25 years. Blending industry-advanced technology with a team approach to quality, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive advantage, encompassing medical devices. Our continual investment in facilities and technology ensures that our Customers have the best possible products for continued success. MedXL offers an unmatched combination of technologies and services with the dedication and passion to help our Customers succeed. All products are made in Canada at our facility under strict quality and regulatory controls.

The Praximed™ System Includes:

PraxiFill™ automated syringe filler
PraxiFill™ is an automated syringe filler intended to increase productivity of the syringe filling process by eliminating the tedious manual task of aspirating solution into the syringe and capping the filled syringe. When commercial prefilled syringes are not available the next best option is unit dose syringes prepared by the pharmacy.

PraxiLabel™ semi-automatic syringe labeler
PraxiLabel™ is a semi-automatic syringe labeler intended to increase productivity of the syringe labeling process by eliminating the tedious manual task of label application on syringes. The labels can be printed on any standard label printer.

PraxiMed™ System Consumables 
The PraxiMed™ System offers a full range of accessories meeting the pharmacy needs to operate the PraxiFill™ and PraxiLabel™ at their maximum capacity. This includes transfer sets that are available in many designs allowing to attach up to 3 compounding bags at a time when filling syringes. The PraxiMed™ System uses MedXL sterile empty pre-capped syringes and pre-graduated labels that may be printed on any heat transfer label printer.

Quality of life:

At MedXL, we are committed to improving the quality of life of patients all over the world. That simple statement has been the focus of our people and our company since it was first articulated by MedXL founder more than 25 years ago.

Our mission, vision, and values define what makes us special, makes us unique, makes us MedXL.

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