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SmartCells Cushioning Technology

At SATECH, Inc., we believe that Life Shouldn’t Hurt™. This belief has guided us to engineer the unique SmartCells Cushioning Technology. The optimized design of SmartCells offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which soften under impact and resist bottoming out. This creates the perfect balance of support and cushion, for maximum fatigue relief.

SmartCells minimizes the risk of injury and fatigue-related issues such as prescription errors, allowing pharmacists to stay safe and comfortable while providing a quality customer service experience.

Available in pre-sized mats or as a custom flooring solution for areas such as customer service counters, prescription storage aisles, and blood labs, SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Solutions are used globally to keep Pharmacists and Lab Technicians safe and comfortable.

Each SmartCells solution is specifically designed to relieve fatigue in standing workers, no matter where they work. Our flooring solutions are available in different colors, rubber formulations, and surface options to best meet your company's unique needs.


  • 2’ x 3’ and 3’ x 5’ sizes 
  • Molded beveled edges reduce tripping hazards
  • A portable solution for pharmacists on their feet


  • 2’ wide & 3’ wide
  • Can build to any desired length
  • Perfect for long workstations or counters

Custom Flooring

  • Can be built to any specifications
  • Various ramp options available
  • Versatile configurations to ensure pharmacist comfort everywhere

Industrial Insoles

  • Take SmartCells Cushioning with you on the go
  • Absorbs up to 20% of impact forces and returns energy back to your body.
  • Fits in most common shoe types 

Send us your dimensions and we can build it.

SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.

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