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The Point-of-Sale That Does More

A point of sale system should enable staff to provide better service. The technology should offer the pharmacy increased accountability, assistance with HIPAA compliance, and improved pharmacy management. Liberty Software delivers these results and more.

The software engineers at Liberty Software developed the features of the software platform from listening to the opinions and wish lists of the pharmacy staff. The feedback produced a quicker and more accurate to fill prescriptions, while ensuring safety measures and constant enhancements. 

Because of the user-friendliness, employees do not waste their time reading manuals and struggling with navigation. The intuitiveness allows for a smooth experience for the customer immediately upon arriving at the counter. This ease stems from the specially designed embedded workflow technology that includes RPh Check, Count Que, Final Product Check, and customizable stages.

The features don’t end there. The software continues to support the pharmacy team with:

- Patient Alerts

- Facts and Comparisons

- Refill Management

- Compounding Tools

- Bin Management

- Coupon Management

- Inventory Controls

- Accounts Receivables

- Audit Report

- Task Management


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