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Simple, Innovative Solutions to Enhancing Drug Security [VIDEO]

Simple, Innovative Solutions to Enhancing Drug Security

For over 50 years, IMI has been committed to delivering high-quality American made compounding devices, customer satisfaction, and service. At the core of IMI’s product lines, you will find our popular Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps. While pharmacy professionals have made these caps industry standard for safeguarding compounded sterile preparations from diversion and misuse, IMI’s entire line of products aim to deliver convenient, economical, and safe solutions to enhance the productivity, confidence, and safety of practitioners and patients.

Prep-Fill™ Connectors & Adapters

provide pharmacists and compounding  professionals with sterile devices for  connecting drug delivery devices such  as Syringes, IV Sets, and syringe filling  fixtures of a repeater pumps.

Prep-Seal™ Caps & Plugs

provide efficient, cost-saving closure  devices for Luer Lock and Luer Slip  fittings such as our unique sterile tray of Luer Lock Caps.

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