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Adaptable Consultation and Immunization Rooms Expertly Crafted by Uniweb, Inc. [VIDEO]

Adaptable Consultation and Immunization Rooms Expertly Crafted by Uniweb, Inc.

Uniweb designs and manufactures practical, portable and flexible modular rooms and consultation spaces delivering maximum work-flow and efficiency. Room sizes, aesthetics, and equipment configurations are limitless!

Company Background

-Strong As Steel For 50 Years!

Founded in 1970, Uniweb’s expertise is the design and manufacturing of quality fixtures that go beyond the retail pharmacy doors. Whether it is new construction, relocation or a renovation, Uniweb offers a complete line of fixture solutions and dedicated designers to guide you through the process.

The basic premise of Uniweb’s philosophy is that retailers can make better use of their existing space by re-imagining their approach to fixturing and employing more profitable high-density fixtures, such as Uniweb.The other key aspect of Uniweb’s value proposition is the company’s domestic sourcing and operations, which allow for a turnkey approach. Made in America means that in a matter of weeks — as opposed to months — Uniweb designs, builds, ships, and installs fixtures that satisfy retailers’ operational requirements and help merchants achieve sales goals.

The ultimate beauty of Uniweb’s craftsmanship … As your needs change, so can your space! Their factory-built custom units deliver long-lasting fixtures that can easily be reconfigured and updated, giving your space the resources to grow as your sales demands change.

Product Overview

-Uniweb is the Multi-Tool of the Fixturing Industry

A sample of our offerings includes complete modular rooms, clean-line wall storage panels, retail merchandising, RX fixtures, behind-the-scene storage, locking cabinets and adjustable height workstations. The walls, counters, cabinets, shelving and accessories provide unlimited expansible flexibility, while giving you the freedom to design and equip your space for unsurpassed utility and appearance at an affordable price.

Uniweb will help you improve your service flow, increase productivity, maintain pharmacy security, and add new technology, while bringing the operation in on budget with unmatched products and support!

Uniweb’s Consultation/Immunization Pop-Out Rooms Provide a Simple, Cost-Effective Solution to Inoculation Roll-Outs

-With increased vaccinations all over the world, having portable and private consultation and immunization spaces will be paramount to maintaining privacy in this unprecedented time.

• Convenience and Ease: Install the portable and flexible ADA compliant room virtually anywhere, ideally near the check-out for inoculations, procedures, patient consults, or transactions.

• Privacy and Comfort: Uniweb crafts a welcoming ambiance with the use of privacy glass doors and panels and natural light to keep the room comfortable. Combine this with sound-absorbing décor fabric or wood panels to maintain patient confidentially.

• Optimal Layouts: Uniweb manufactures rooms to fit your specifications. These dynamic rooms provide unsurpassed utility and appearance at an affordable price.

Uniweb on the Go … Mobile Spaces!

‘Take it to Go’ with our product line for mobile health centers, disaster response units, on-site office space, or roving training facilities. Take your operation on the road by installing Uniweb products in trailers, buses, box trucks, and cargo containers to create a space where medical staff can work on the vehicle in exam areas, office areas, and labs. Keep supplies, tools, and equipment secured and organized using Uniweb’s 24-gauge steel panels, workstations, locking cabinets, and accessories. C2 cabinets, five and two-drawer cabinets, under-counter drawers, and Lok N’ Roll units are a few of our secure and elite locking units.


“We have recently installed Uniweb’s modular consultation rooms in 14 of our 18 pharmacy locations. The rooms were simple to install, less expensive than conventional construction, built with the strength and durability I expect from Uniweb products, and look great. Our patients are appreciating the added privacy the rooms provide.”— Greg Jones, R.Ph., MBA, Harmon City, Inc., Director of Pharmacy

“We’ve been doing business with Uniweb for over 15 years. They provide quality products at a fair price, combined with excellent, responsive, customer service. They are true partners in helping us find solutions for our fixture and space needs.”— Donna R. Montemayor R.Ph, HEB, Director, Pharmacy Professional Services, Marketing & Strategic Initiatives

Ordering Information 

Please contact us at (800) 486-4932 or at to assist you with your shelving and equipment needs. Uniweb provides a wide variety of American made shelving options and accessories. Their dedicated sales executive can advise you as to the utility and cost. What are your challenges?

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