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The Numbers Validates the Success of 340B

Exceeding the strategic priorities of clients is how Sentry Data Systems became a leader in 340B. This vendor can back up their leadership standing by numbers that substantiate their success. 

The most recent number is that Sentry Data Systems achieved the number one ranking in the annual 340B Pharmacy Management Systems Black Book Research report, including the highest user experience and outcomes scores. 

The numbers don’t stop there for serving their clients with excellence. Sentry Data Systems assisted more than 245 HRSA 340B audits, leading the industry and realizing more than $21 billion in savings. The team is 100 percent APEUS 340B certified. 

Sentra Data System understands the value of relationships, which is why they possess an expansive network of more than 5,000 contract pharmacies to help optimize a contract pharmacy program. Thousands of healthcare facility locations nationwide rely on Sentry’s integrated platform for their solutions, which provide decision support for millions of unique patients.


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