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Dedicated to Controlled Environment Contamination Control Products [VIDEO]

Dedicated to Controlled Environment Contamination Control Products

Teknipure is the premier developer, manufacturer, distributor of innovative cleanroom and other controlled environments consumable contamination solutions. Our products are designed to prevent, control, and remove contamination effectively and efficiently

Teknisat -TS2PUI70P-99/S

• Non-linting & ultra-pure substrates 

• Precise and effective saturation levels with ultra-clean chemistry 

• Available in: Polyester, Polypropylene, Microfiber & Polyester/Cellulose blend. 

Tekniswab -TS-FMD-3/5/6

• Best liquid holding capacity & contamination pick-up 

• Medical grade foam encapsulated with microfiber & attached with ultra-sonic (non adhesive). 

• Several head shaped & handle lengths

Teknimask -TM-EL-7

• Protects the environment from human contamination and protects operators from viruses or other contagions. 

• 3 layers of protection and a lint free surface

Teknimop -TM-MFP-516P & TM-PFM-SS

• Ergonomic system for cleaning of floors(smooth & rough), walls & ceilings. 

• Microfiber cleaning surface for maximum cleaning solution exposure and best pick-up.

• The stainless steel mop cart: double buckets (for clean & used fluid) and a foot wringer. 

• Mopheads can be installed and removed “hands-free” with our innovative design.

Teknimop -TM-QP258/S & TM-QP258-SS

• Effective cleaning of all surfaces in isolator hoods or other hard to reach surfaces.

• Mophead is manufactured with 2-ply quilted polyester 

• Designed for ease of use with an extendable handle and easy to install frame to mophead. 

• All products are available sterile or non-sterile

• Sterility is assured with our validation, and corresponding documentation.

• All products are compatible with ISO 5-7 requirements

Teknipure is your one-stop shop for critical cleaning of your USP 797/800 environments. Contact us today to learn how we can efficiently support your facility!

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