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Military Prescription Pickup Expands with New Pharmacy Automation

Military Prescription Pickup Expands with New Pharmacy Automation


Military pharmacies see a dramatic increase in ScriptCenter kiosks and lockers as demand for pharmacy automation increases.

Recently, an announcement from The Military Health System spoke to the increased deployment of ScriptCenter products across multiple military pharmacy locations. This effort will more than double the presence of ScriptCenter kiosks and locker systems in outpatient pharmacies across all military branches. The Military Health System understands the overwhelming need for pharmacy automation solutions. Patients demand that option this day in age. Technology offers convenience to patients in all areas of healthcare. This technology not only brings benefits to patients but pharmacy staff alike. With improved pharmacy workflow offers, pharmacy staff finds satisfaction in this technology. 

How are ScriptCenter kiosk and locker solutions different?

With prescription delivery solutions like ScriptCenter, the power remains in the hands of the pharmacist. Unlike other automated pharmacy dispensing systems, ScriptCenter products are for completed prescriptions. Pharmacists fill and verify prescriptions as usual before placing them into the ScriptCenter system. This allows pharmacists to maintain complete control of the prescriptions through delivery. Additionally, military pharmacies can view ScriptCenter as their “5th pharmacy window”. This can help clear congestion in the pharmacy and divert patients to another area.

Now more than ever, prescription access is top of mind for patients. Today, patients look to maintain social distance while picking up their prescriptions. ScriptCenter pharmacy kiosks and lockers allow for that. Patients can maintain their usual level of care with their pharmacist without having to stand nearby.

Active and retired military (and their dependents) can use ScriptCenter at pharmacies on base. When picking up at the machine, a form of military identification is needed. Additionally, ScriptCenter houses biometrics technology. Patients are also able to utilize the fingerprint functionality as a second form of identification. For more information, please contact us directly. For base information, please contact the base directly via the local AudioCare number.

Asteres looks forward to continuing our relationship with the military and their pharmacies.

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