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Euclid's Multi Dose Packaging System Boosts Adherence and Satisfaction for Two Arkansas Pharmacies

Euclid's Multi Dose Packaging System Boosts Adherence and Satisfaction for Two Arkansas Pharmacies


Patient medication adherence is a growing concern among pharmacies. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 23% of the U.S. population takes three or more medications per day, with 12% taking five or more per day. Medication adherence among patients suffering chronic diseases averages only 50%. Also, a significant number of hospital readmissions are due to poor adherence.

Pharmacy operation and packaging is a key component of improving medication adherence, and that’s why Euclid® Medical Products has introduced a new line of next-generation multi-dose adherence pouch packaging machines to help pharmacies increase their patient adherence while boosting operational efficiency.


Eric Schoffner operates two independent pharmacies (iCareRX and Gammel’s) in Arkansas. As an independent pharmacy, they face competition from chain pharmacies and must look for ways to enhance the patient experience to distinguish their pharmacy from others.

“Our customers struggle with managing their medication regimen,” said Eric Schoffner, owner and manager of iCareRX and Gammel’s Pharmacies. “We needed to provide patients with a simplified process that a pharmacy of our size is able to manage.”

Smaller pharmacies interested in offering multi-dose packaging often don’t have the space for a commercial packaging machine, which can make it difficult to invest in helpful automation tools. “Our pharmacies are only 1,300 square feet, much smaller than typical pharmacies,” said Schoffner. “As patient frustration grew and medication regimens got more complicated, it became clear that we needed to find a solution meant for pharmacies of our stature.”

Aware of the consequences of failing to meet the needs of patients and the potential benefits of increased revenue for patient medication adherence, iCareRX and Gammel’s needed a machine and partner with expertise in small pharmacies that offer patients a simplified medication process and ensures their pharmacy remains efficient.


Euclid Medical Products’ Axial® multi dose pouch packaging machines promote adherence and simplify the process for the patient by pouch packaging medications and labeling with appropriate consumption time. The Axial® RMD-144 has only a 2-by-2-foot footprint, making it perfect for pharmacies with limited space.

“The footprint of the Axial® RMD-144 is much smaller than a normal multi-dose packaging machine,” said Schoffner. “The compact machine fits perfectly in our 1,300 square foot pharmacy without disrupting our daily routine.”

The Axial® Multi-Dose Machine’s revolutionary rotary design allows for easy canister access and simplified cleaning, as well as the ability to store 144 to 352 canisters depending on the model. It can package at speeds of up to 65 pouches per minute making it an efficient addition to any pharmacy.

In addition, Euclid® Medical Products has introduced MyMeds+™ which is a marketing tool kit for pharmacies to help educate their customers about the benefits of adherence packaging once they have purchased a machine. 


Automated compliance packaging streamlines the process and frees up staff. “MyMeds+ synchronizes and simplifies our patient's medication delivery,” said Schoffner. “Prior to Euclid’s MyMeds+ system, we saw frustrated patients multiple times a month to pick up their medications, but now this process streamlines pickups into one simple visit and gives security to caregivers knowing their loved ones are taking their medication correctly.”

Adherence packaging is convenient for both pharmacies and patients. Euclid’s Axial® RMD-144 combined with MyMeds+ allowed iCareRX and Gammel’s access to adherence packaging that synchronizes prescription medications into daily detachable, easy-to-open pouches. The MyMeds+ comprehensive system eliminated daily or weekly sorting and complicated instructions, simplifying packaging and dispensing efficiency for patients taking multiple medications daily.

“Implementing Euclid® technology has been a crucial investment for iCareRX and Gammel’s” said Schoffner. “Not only have we seen an increase in satisfaction and adherence among our customers, but overnight it has turned our pharmacy into a force that can compete with larger pharmacies.”

To learn more about the Axial® Multi-Dose Machines or Euclid® Medical Products’ state-of-the-art automated medical packaging equipment and barcoding systems, visit Additional data on the Axial® Multi-Dose Machines can be found here.

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