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Maximize vertical space and keep clutter to a minimum.

One Solution, Two Ways


Early in the pandemic when supplies were at a premium, you stocked up every chance you could. Those supplies continue to be necessary, but you may now have overstock and you may not have enough storage.  

Neatly store surplus items for quick retrieval using our flexible qwikSLOT™ Wire Shelving. Available Stationary or Mobile and two sizes, these chrome-look wire shelves keep items visible and adjust in one-inch increments without the need for tools. 

Maximize vertical space and keep clutter to a minimum. Add Clear Shelf Inlays to help maintain the look of open shelving and prevent smaller items from falling through. 

Pro Tip: Once your shelves are in place, stack bins two deep to create a quick-change replenishment system. As the first bin is consumed, move it to the top shelf or replenishment location and move the second bin forward for use.

We’re committed to providing storage solutions that put you on the fast track to more organized spaces. Check out our entire line of Wire Carts and Bins to find the combinations that are perfect for the pandemic and beyond! 

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