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ScriptPro’s End-to-End Pharmacy Solutions Drive Health System Success

ScriptPro’s End-to-End Pharmacy Solutions Drive Health System Success

ScriptPro’s game-changing pharmacy solutions enable you to make pharmacy the biggest financial strength of your healthcare system — improving accuracy, advancing patient care, and raising operational performance.

Company Background

ScriptPro is a technology company founded in 1994, with corporate headquarters in the Kansas City area.

The company's initial product, the SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing System, pioneered the use of robotics in community pharmacies. Today, ScriptPro’s innovative, end-to-end pharmacy automation and management system products have revolutionized pharmacy operations.

ScriptPro solutions drive the success of thousands of independent, chain, hospital, supermarket, and government pharmacies around the world.

Product Overview

ScriptPro provides a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems to optimize retail and ambulatory pharmacy operations — promoting safe and effective medication use and adherence, including support for specialty pharmacy services, high-risk/high-cost medications, 340B dispensing, and third-party financial management.

With ScriptPro, health system pharmacies successfully run state-of-the-art and profitable pharmacy operations while simultaneously managing revenues and costs. With the most advanced features pharmacy staff and patients want, ScriptPro's full EHR integration ensures continuum of care. And that's just the beginning.

Features & Options 

-Comprehensive Pharmacy Software Solutions

The unique needs of ambulatory pharmacy are easily handled with ScriptPro’s comprehensive pharmacy software solution. From patient, prescriber, and prescription feeds from your EHR system, full POS integration, clinical program management, 340B oversight, third-party solutions, and meds-to-beds protocols, ScriptPro gives you the tools to make pharmacy your health system’s biggest financial strength, while dramatically improving the patient experience.

-Pharmacy Robotics and Workflow

ScriptPro is the leader in pharmacy automation with thousands of robotic, workflow, and pharmacy management software installations worldwide. For over two decades, ScriptPro’s robotic prescription dispensing systems have been improving accuracy and patient care. Robotic dispensing fills 30-60% of your daily prescription volume, giving pharmacists more time for expanded patient services.

ScriptPro’s suite of vial-filling and adherence packaging robots enable any ambulatory setting to find the right fit for capacity, space constraints, and patient needs. Our robots are fully integrated with ScriptPro Workflow System, allowing you to track 100% of your prescriptions in your pharmacy.

-Real-Time 340B. No Gimmicks.

340B is complicated and requires an automated, intelligent 340B engine that qualifies and processes prescription data – and delivers real-time accuracy today, not tomorrow. That’s what ScriptPro’s 340B Management Package can do for you. Constant analytics monitor and clean data to ensure compliance and program integrity. Maximize profits, minimize paperwork, and streamline workflow by automating everything you need to fill, track, order, and maintain compliance when processing prescriptions from segregated inventories.

-Advanced Pharmacy Clinical Services (APCS)

Take control of your complex pharmacy clinical needs. With APCS, you can easily manage elaborate data configurations, multiple workflows, and comprehensive documentation – giving you advanced control over your patients’ complete care. Fully customizable, APCS streamlines the dispensing of Investigational Study prescriptions, high-risk REMS, and specialty pharmacy drugs. Our system also supports advanced MTM and patient disease state management services. Let ScriptPro’s APCS handle your most complex specialty pharmacy needs. 

M2B programs are changing the patient discharge experience, improving the quality of patient care as well as the overall hospital experience. Use ScriptPro’s pharmacy management system to interface with your health system EHR to receive patient, prescriber, and discharge prescription information, as well as process prescriptions. Pharmacy staff then utilizes our PharmacyPro Mobile Dispense app to deliver medications directly to the patient’s bedside, curbside, or via delivery. By providing timely compliance, lowered readmissions, and increased revenue capture, ScriptPro’s integrated M2B system is a key component of a comprehensive health system pharmacy strategy.

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