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Sentry Data Systems — Expect More With a Trusted Leader in 340B Management and Compliance

Sentry Data Systems — Expect More With a Trusted Leader in 340B Management and Compliance

Sentry Data Systems is a pioneer in providing automated technology solutions that help providers manage 340B compliance, produce better quality, reduce the total cost of care, and reach more underserved patients.

Company Background

Since 2003, Sentry Data Systems has been providing healthcare organizations with 340B management and compliance solutions that help you make better business decisions. We deliver passion, expertise and partnership every step of the way. As a company always at the forefront of innovation, we pair our solutions with a strong support team that helps you navigate complex waters and deliver on your mission.

One example of our commitment to innovation is our standalone sister company, Agilum Healthcare Intelligence. Agilum’s revolutionary, proprietary longitudinal database combines objective, near real-time data with actionable analytics to deliver real-world evidence and enable the leap to value-based care.

Product Overview

Sentry can help you maximize your 340B benefit with powerful solutions that deliver the precision, compliance, insight and savings you need to run a successful program. We offer: 

• The only fully integrated, longitudinal 340B audit record.

• The industry’s only dedicated, 100% Apexus-certified audit team.

• Proactive support, with almost 30% of our staff focused on customer success.

• Longstanding industry leadership and advocacy on Capitol Hill

-Sentinel® Hospital Procurement and 340B Compliance

Sentinel uses proven methodologies and a robust feature set to take control of hospital pharmacy mixed-use costs, contracts, and compliance.

• Offers full visibility into hospital pharmacy operations and more control of the procurement cycle, with advanced ordering, auditing, inventory management, and reporting functions.

• Optimizes 340B programs with a longitudinal patient database, providing a larger and more precise pool of eligibility.

• Tracks dispensations from multiple sources, connecting the dots in the data and offering in-depth insights into the inventory

-Sentrex® 340B Contract Pharmacy Management

Simplifying an array of complex compliance challenges, Sentrex helps you manage your 340B contract pharmacy relationships and expand medication access to more patients.

• Automates 340B drug replenishment to help reduce inventory cost.

• Offers flexible configuration options that can be tailored to reflect each organization’s own unique processes and parameters.

• Tracks drug cost savings by NDC, pharmacy location, and prescription type

-Sentrex330™ for Clinics

Sentrex330™ helps community health centers expand 340B benefits to as many eligible patients as possible and remain compliant while reducing burden on staff.

• Automates tracking of 340B dispensations and replenishment with the ability to review and adjust claims eligibility. 

• Supports patient assistance plans to allow for sliding scale fee.

• Manages patients and providers in real time to ensure prescription eligibility.

Expect Innovation

Senturion™ Services is a trusted extension of your team, with over 20 years of hospital pharmacy operations experience. We offer consulting expertise in areas including: orphan drugs, audit compliance, and data integrity.

Expect Transparency

-340B Business Intelligence™: Our new Oracle-powered BI tool combines intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality that retrieves enterprise-wide data on factors like drug claims, dispensations, and total spend to provide advanced reporting, and insight into your 340B program performance.

-Referral Verification System™: This service reviews referral prescriptions initially marked as ineligible to connect the dots, ensure 100% compliance and help you maximize 340B benefits

Sentry Is Raising the Bar On 340B Reporting

Join us virtually at 340B Summer, where Sentry will demonstrate our latest 340B product enhancements including our new Business Intelligence solution, 340B BI™. Not attending? Join us for a virtual lunch and learn with live updates from the conference, insights from Sentry executives and an interactive demo of 340B BI.

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