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The Modular Pole Systems™ Benefits

The Modular Pole Systems™ product line is easy, straightforward and comes pre-assembled for quick and seamless installation.


We use common sense in our designs and always think about future uses, so you get a product that works great today and is adaptable for tomorrow. Whether it’s your point of sale, employee workstations or customer-facing products we ensure your hardware is accessible and secure.

The Modular Pole Systems™ benefits:

-Superior Counter Organization: Effective use of vertical space is a key component when you are mounting equipment, especially in areas where less space is provided.

-Improved Customer Engagement: When your equipment is organized and mounted, employees spend less time away from their customers and more time taking care of them.

-Easy to Use, Inexpensive To Own: The modular aspect of the design allows you to add and subtract from the pole as you see fit. In other words you don’t need an entirely new system if your equipment changes.

-Easily Adaptable: Our products are reconfigurable, so as your needs or equipment changes, the product can change along with it. This provides a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

-Patented Dual Tilting Tension: Our never-fail constant friction hinge technology ensures it will never become loose. The dual tension tilting tension makes a touchscreen is easy to relocate and stay in place with consistent use.

-In Stores Across the Country: You can buy with confidence because our systems were named by a top, national retailer as their enterprise solution for mounting touch screens.

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