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Cold Chain Technologies Announces Further Global Expansion Into Latin America

Cold Chain Technologies Announces Further Global Expansion Into Latin America

Cold Chain Technologies Is Ready to Offer its 50 Years of Experience to the Life Sciences Industry in Latin America

Cold Chain Technologies, an ISO 9001:2015 certified global leader with more than 50 years developing and delivering smart solutions that protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive products, today announced an extensive expansion into Latin America. The company has been operating out of Panama since 2014, supporting local customers in the North and South Cone, and it is now establishing a significant footprint with regional support locations in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil.

"Leading companies around the globe place their critical pharmaceutical, biomedical and life science products in the hands of Cold Chain Technologies. We welcome the opportunity to offer the same extensive team of knowledgeable experts, our unrivaled engineering and science-based approach that, together with digital data analytic tools, can help Latam customers choose proven, reliable, cost-effective and smarter solutions to address their challenges," said Vanessa Alonso Burri, Regional Sales Director – LATAM, for Cold Chain Technologies.

Burri, who is based in Brazil, continued, "By being global and acting local, we will ensure that we are providing best-in-class services and products while enhancing our in-region operational capabilities to allow further growth."

Cold Chain Technologies provides the broadest portfolio and most comprehensive set of capabilities of any cold chain packaging provider serving the life science industry, including affordable off-the-shelf solutions designed specifically for the rigor and demands of storing and transporting precious biological material. This includes CCT's reusable parcel solution for the distribution of deep-frozen, frozen, refrigerated and controlled room temperature medicines — the KoolTemp® EcoFlex 96, as well as Tyvek® and Enshield™ Cargo Covers and the KoolTemp® EndeavAir Pallet System — all qualified in a wide variety of transportation modes and applications worldwide to secure integrity and efficacy of temperature-sensitive healthcare and life science products, including the COVID-19 vaccine."

In addition to these products and solutions, Cold Chain Technologies offers data analytics, tracking and modeling solutions that set the company apart from other cold chain companies operating in the Latin America region. CCT's real-time tracking and data-analytics tools — Cold Chain Technologies Smart Solutions — enable real-time, holistic and actionable insights into the location and condition of temperature-sensitive drugs and biologics, including the COVID-19 vaccines being transported in Cold Chain Technologies' thermal shipping containers — down to the last mile. And the company's KoolDesigns® Thermal Modeling services allow customers to quickly develop, evaluate and analyze temperature-controlled packaging solutions against temperature profiles, ensuring product integrity maintenance throughout the cold chain.

About Cold Chain Technologies (CCT)

Cold Chain Technologies is a leading global provider of reusable and single-use thermal packaging solutions for the shipment of temperature-sensitive material, principally serving the life sciences industry. With more than 50 years of ensuring product safety in transit, CCT has built a reputation as the industry's most innovative and reliable provider to global life sciences companies and distributors. For more information about CCT, visit

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