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Introducing the Freedom of Customizable IVR

Introducing the Freedom of Customizable IVR


RedSail Voice, powered by Medtel, provides an interactive voice response system customized your way.

• 99.999% Uptime: Ensure your patients can reach you and that you never miss a call.

• Web-Based, Self-Service Interface: Update your pharmacy's phone options and scripts quickly and easily.

• Analytics Dashboards: Easily visualize and track what's happening with calls.

• Cloud-Based System: Quickly set up the system with assurance that it's always up-to-date.

Benefits of IVR

• Immediately cuts the cord to outdated hardware.

• Includes advanced features to improve patient service.

• Provides the agility and scalability to meet business demands.

Benefits of Adding Cloud-Based Phone System

• No end-of-life for phone system and IVR.

• Business continuity in the event of outages or unplanned downtime.

• Single provider for phone service and IVR.

• Easily make changes to auto attendants, service hours, and call routing.

• Better customer experience – calls are always answered and logged.

• Inexpensive to maintain and updated automatically at no additional cost.

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