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(#11 of 18): Why focus on pharmacy revenue cycle?

#11: Why focus on pharmacy revenue cycle?

Join Joe Cesarz, Vice President, Hospitals & Health Systems, as he discusses why it is important to focus on the pharmacy revenue cycle to uncover opportunities for financial growth.

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#1: Visante: How Does Visante Transform Healthcare Through Pharmacy? 

#2: How can hospitals and health systems make the most of the strategic asset of pharmacy? 

#3: Why are leading health systems reconfiguring their leadership teams to improve organizational performance? 

#4: What structure seems to work best when reconfiguring leadership teams to improve organizational performance?

#5: Why is there sometimes resistance to structuring pharmacy for optimal success?

#6: What are some of the common mistakes that systems make pertaining to pharmacy leadership?

#7: What is Pharmacy Performance Solutions, and why should hospitals be interested in this now?

#8: Why should a covered entity partner with Visante for their 340B program audits?

#9: Does Visante provide ongoing routine oversight for 340B programs?

#10: What are Visante’s strategies for 340B optimization?

#11: Why focus on pharmacy revenue cycle?

#12: What are the most important components of an effective pharmacy supply chain strategy?

#13: What positive results can an organization expect when establishing a high-performing pharmacy supply chain?

#14: What are pharmacy compliance services, and why are they so important?

#15: Why focus on specialty pharmacy services?

#16: What is Visante’s unique approach to specialty pharmacy?

#17: What support does Visante offer for prior authorizations?

#18: How does Visante’s prior authorization service model work?

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