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More Productivity, Improved Bottom-Line [VIDEO]

More Productivity, Improved Bottom-Line

Single-dose blister card automation and pharmacy workflow that safely and efficiently fills blister card prescriptions.  

Quick Facts About DOSIS Systems

Each DOSIS tower can confidently produce 10k cards per  month with 1 hour of manned attention per shift in almost  any pharmacy workflow. This is 3x faster than manual filling  by an experienced tech. In many pharmacies, DOSIS towers  each produce 15k to 20k cards per month.

Many DOSIS pharmacies have automated more than 75% of their production with some DOSIS systems producing over 200k patient-labeled cards per month. 

DOSIS Systems produces more than 2 million blister cards every month in pharmacies large and small!

We'd love to give you a demonstration! 

Seeing is believing with the DOSIS System. We can give you a full demo of a working system so you can see for yourself the value of DOSIS workflow.


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