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20Ways FALL Retail 2021 Issue is Here

RXinsider launches 20Ways Fall Retail 2021, our 10-Year Anniversary Edition. 

Over the last 10-years, 20Ways has been constantly evolving with new content and additional resources while staying dedicated to pharmacy management. We want our readers to know while 20Ways may look a little different, it still provides the same great product/service profiles, case studies, Q&As, videos, and more! 

This issue showcases Long Term Care Delivery/Back-up Pharmacy Services with a Q&A from Industry Expert, Kevin R. Fearon, RPh, MBA, FACP, President ASCP,  a Market Leaders Buyer's Guide, and more!

The print issue circulates to more than 18,000+ pharmacy owners,1,500+ long term care pharmacies, and 5,000 industry executives across the United States.

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Check out the 20Ways FALL 2021 issue through one of several channels below:

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For more information or to advertise with RXinsider’s 20Ways, please visit our website or contact 

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