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Staten Island, NY (September 9, 2021) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, today announced a partnership and integration with ClearSale. Available for Celerant’s eCommerce platform, ClearSale offers theClearSale-Celerant-eCommerce-768x432.jpg most complete online fraud protection solution in the industry. The application is easy to install, and empowers merchants to automatically detect suspicious transactions, and make quick decisions to prevent fraudulent chargebacks and approve more online sales.

ClearSale for Celerant eCommerce: How it works

Through Celerant’s integration with ClearSale, any order placed on Celerant eCommerce is automatically captured by the ClearSale application. ClearSale’s proprietary technology looks for common fraud by analyzing the customer’s order, device information, behavioral and historical data, data from external sources, and much more; and leverages powerful machine learning to quickly adapt to the retailer’s unique fraud risk profile. The application’s algorithm computes a fraud score for each order, and immediately approves orders that fall under a pre-determined threshold. Compared to other solutions that auto-decline suspicious orders, ClearSale sends all orders flagged for suspected fraud to their expert in-house team of fraud analysts for further review to prevent the retailer from losing a potentially ‘good’ sale.

Celerant’s eCommerce platforms

Celerant offers two eCommerce platforms that integrate with ClearSale – Cumulus eCommerce™, a cost-effective, SaaS solution for smaller retailers; and Stratus eCommerce™, a comprehensive solution with advanced functionality. Both solutions integrate with Celerant’s point of sale, Curbside Pickup App, email automation tool, mobile app for online shopping (coming soon), and third-party marketplaces, enabling retailers to expand their business and manage all channels as one.

About ClearSale

ClearSale (B3: CLSA3) offers the most complete ecommerce fraud protection, combining cutting-edge statistical technology with the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts for a balanced, comprehensive, real-world approach. Trusted by over 4,000 customers worldwide and touting a 99% retention rate, ClearSale is the first company to offer chargeback guarantees and the largest company focused on global card-not-present fraud prevention. ClearSale helps businesses prevent fraudulent chargebacks without interfering with the online shopping experience. As a result, clients can sell more, safely, even in dynamic or challenging international markets. More information at or follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter @ClearSaleUSa

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