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Improving Customer Experience and Increasing Productivity by Streamlining Processes

An efficient Point of Sale is essential to every business. Source Communications offers secure, standardized, and organized solutions to ensure a positive experience. 

For example, the Modular Pole Systems™ product line comes pre-assembled for quick and seamless installation. 


The Modular Pole Systems™ benefits include:

There are many benefits of the Modular Pole Systems™: 

-Superior counter organization: Effectively using all vertical space is a vital component when you are mounting equipment, specifically in the areas where there is reduced space.

-Improved customer engagement: Employees will spend a lot less time away from their customers when their equipment is organized and properly mounted.

-Easy to use and inexpensive to own: The modular aspect of the design allows customers to add and subtract from the pole. Simply put, you will not need a new system if your equipment changes.

-Easily adaptable: All products are reconfigurable, so as your needs or equipment changes, the product also changes. This feature offers a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

-Patented dual tilting tension: The system’s constant friction hinge technology ensures it will never become loose.

-Available in numerous stores across the country: Buy with confidence because a top, national retailer named the system as their enterprise solution for mounting touch screens 

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