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Who doesn’t want to save valuable time spent tracking expired pharmaceutical return credits? 

Some important benefits include: 
--The choice of receiving your credit within 10, 30, 60, or 90 days.
--Credit due through OneCheck Select is consolidated into a single check.
--The all-inclusive fee is deducted from the issued check, so there are no surprises.
--Receive a single check for all credit due 
--Offers choice of reimbursement speed 

Combining credit into a single check, virtually eliminating credit tracking, simplifying the reconciliation process, and offering a choice of reimbursement speed, The OneCheck Select program is able to check all the boxes.

The OneCheck Select program eliminates the need for this type of tracking. Credit values are listed on the check stub, so you know exactly how much you have received from each manufacturer. In addition, the all-inclusive fee is a fixed percentage of your credit value and is deducted directly from the check that is issued to you.

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