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Paladin Data Corporation Launches

Paladin Data Corporation announces the launch of its newest website: For over 40 years, the company has helped independent retail businesses improve their performance with one of the most innovative management systems in the industry. Now, Paladin pharmacy has its own place on the web.

While Paladin built its reputation in the hardware, building materials and home improvement industry, in 2008, it recognized that much like the hardware stores it already served, pharmacies are essential to successful and healthy communities. In fact, many of the small-town hardware and general stores it already served offered pharmacy services along with hand tools, nuts and bolts. So, the move to develop Paladin for pharmacies was a perfect fit.

“Our company’s philosophy has always been to provide what our clients need. We had several stores in small communities that sold hardware and had pharmacies, too,” explains Paladin CEO Mike Williamson. “At the time, it was very cost-prohibitive for a lot of the smaller pharmacies to become FSA compliant. So, when we developed Paladin for pharmacies and earned FSA compliance, we were able to provide them a cost-effective alternative and help them serve their communities.”

To give the pharmacy products their own focus and identity, was launched.

At, visitors can find information about how Paladin can benefit independent pharmacies. An intuitive point-of-sale system for OTC products, Paladin integrates with all leading Rx systems to make pharmacy operations simple, efficient and secure. It protects patient information, provides accurate prescription verification, fully complies with all federal regulation and insurance requirements, and automatically calculates transaction amounts with price and co-pay controls.

Paladin has proven to be a perfect tool for independent pharmacies from coast to coast.

“With so many regulations and requirements involved, Paladin made everything so simple and effortless,” says Michael Welsch, owner of Miller’s Pharmacy in West Henrietta, New York, and a Paladin client since 2010.

Paladin’s compliance system offers:

• HIPAA signature capture – Requests for HIPAA signatures are automatically called up to cover a variety of insurance requirements.

• SIGIS-certified – Purchases of IIAS-eligible and non-eligible products are streamlined with the ability to split transactions across FSA, HRA, credit cards and other forms of payment.

• NPLEx integration – Tracks and enforces limits on pseudoephedrine purchases and immediately uploads data after customer signature captures. provides all the information pharmacies need when looking for an OTC and business management solution. Paladin also serves its clients with an interactive and responsive Help Portal and web store, along with letting them access online support directly through their point-of-sale terminals.

For more information, contact or call 800-725-2346.

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