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IND Consulting: September Newsletter

Typically, prescriptions don't automatically follow the patient to their nursing home after hospital discharge, luckily our software systems are programmed to make this transition seamless for both your pharmacy employees and the patient.


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From the Hospital to Long-Term Care: Protecting Vulnerable Patients During Handoff

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"Studies have demonstrated that information on discharge summaries and transfer/referral forms do not match for more than 50% of LTC admissions, with at least one medication discrepancy in 70% of all admissions. To add to this, the accidental continuation of medications intended for administration only while the patient was hospitalized, along with the omission of as needed (PRN) medications that should have been continued, it is not surprising that error rates of 21% or more have been reported during transitions between hospitals and LTC facilities. Up to 60% of these errors have been serious, life-threatening, or fatal."

Read the Article From The Institute of Safe Medicine Practices

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IND Consulting has navigated the technical and human challenges that growth and consolidation can present, so you can depend on our expertise. Our IT Services include:

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