Custom eLearning Centers

Support Your Staff and Customers Through eLearning

Train Your Staff

Give your staff a competitive edge by providing a branded eLearning center to strengthen their knowledge of the pharmacy market space with 90+ video-based eLearning activities (1500+ minutes of learning).

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Train your Staff

Starting at $7900 / year

Educate Your Customers

Stand apart from competitors by offering customers a custom eLearning center to educate them on your products, business, and subjects that impact your market.

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Market Training Example Spreadsheet

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Provide a customized LMS (Learning Management System) branded to your institution and filled with relevant educational activities.

Activity Library

Select from more than 90 pre-existing READINESS activities to expand your eLearning center content for maximum learner engagement.


Access a comprehensive reporting suite to assess learner engagement and monitor activity starts and completions.

Unlimited Learning


Learners can access activities anywhere and at anytime from their mobile devices.



Learners can create and share playlists from your activity library.

Guest Speakers


Competency-based assessments ensure learners understand the activity content.



Certificates of completion are awarded to learners after the successful completion of each activity and playlist.

More than 100 companies and pharmacy schools use READINESS including:

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