Apr 28, 2016

Pharmacy First Partners With Ateb, Inc. To Offer An Integrated Medication Synchronization Solution To Its Membership

Pharmacy First, offering viable services and programs to benefit and support its independent pharmacy members, and Ateb® Inc., the industry's leading provider of pharmacy-based patient care solutions, are proud to announce a partnership to offer Ateb's Time My Meds®, an integrated medication synchronization solution, to Pharmacy First's valued members.

By implementing Ateb's Time My Meds, Pharmacy First members will witness significant, measurable impact on increasing prescription fills and improving quality measures.  Patients enrolled in Ateb's Time My Meds program reach above Medicare 5-star PDC score thresholds for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol.

Ateb's solutions will enable Pharmacy First members to transition their pharmacies to the Appointment Based Model (ABM) which increases patient engagement and provides the opportunity to offer additional paid services.  Plus, by converting their pharmacy practices to a proactive workflow, pharmacies can predict when patients on chronic medications will visit the pharmacy for their prescription refills, thereby, improving inventory management.  In addition to these benefits, pharmacies also have the ability to provide ongoing patient management through Ateb's online Patient Management Access Portal (PMAP).

"We are excited to offer more value-based programs to our esteemed community of pharmacies," stated Bob Dickey, CEO of Pharmacy First.  "By providing our members with sustainable programs, they may continue to focus on providing exceptional patient care while improving their pharmacy business," added Mr. Dickey.

To complement the Time My Meds program, Pharmacy First members may also bundle Ateb's outbound notifications solution, which drives script growth and improves patient adherence through automated patient outreach methods.  Based on the patient's preference, these notifications, displayed in real-time, are delivered via calls and text messages.  

"Ateb welcomes the opportunity to partner with Pharmacy First to reach community pharmacies and provide them with measurable solutions that will reinforce positive patient behaviors and drive sustained patient medication adherence, which also leads to healthier patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs," stated Frank Sheppard, President and CEO of Ateb.

About Pharmacy First
Pharmacy First is dedicated to helping the Independent Pharmacy remain competitive and profitable in today's market.  Pharmacy First offers an array of services, including contracting assistance, third party payer reconciliation, and credentialing services through their PSAO, Third Party Station. All programs are designed to help meet the most important needs of independent pharmacy owners, and each member is able to choose which program best fits their needs. Pharmacy First prides themselves in making pharmacy services available to all independent pharmacies, without specific ties to a wholesaler and is committed to actionable results and alleviating financial hassle so pharmacies can focus on their patients.

About Ateb, Inc.
Ateb is the trusted source for independent and chain pharmacies seeking measurable pharmacy-based patient care solutions that improve pharmacy performance and patient outcomes. Ateb's patented technologies and robust analytics provide pharmacies with real proof of performance regarding patient care outcomes that generate new revenue streams. 

Ateb's Patient Management Access Portal is the nexus of Ateb's entire portfolio of patient care solutions and the leading driver of pharmacy's appointment-based model in the market today.  By combining Ateb's proprietary blend of pharmacy operational expertise, technology, analytics, and data integration, Ateb is driving healthy outcomes for patients, pharmacies, and payers.

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