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Pouring vs Spraying a Disinfectant – Cleanroom-compatible Caps are Here

TexCaps, Sterile Bottle Caps, TX001

Texwipe's TexCaps, Sterile Bottle Caps, are designed to fit any Texwipe 8, 16 or 32 oz. spray bottle.  The caps offer a pouring option for disinfectants or cleaning solutions where there is a concern of contamination due to spray.  The TexCaps have a No-Touch design that allows for easy, one-finger opening and closing operation between uses without touching and contaminatiing the pour spout.

The caps fit any 28/400 thread bottle.

The caps are gamma-irradiated according to AAMI guidelines to the sterility assurance level of 10-6, validated for sterility, and tested for endotoxins. Double-bagged for an easier introduction into sterile areas. The plastic case liner serves as a third bag, offering more protection for contamination prevention.


Technical Data Sheet

Product Specs:

Sterile/Non-Sterile: Sterile

Inner Bags: 3 inner bags of 4 caps each

Outer Bags: 4 bags of 12 caps

Packaging: 48 caps total per case


  • Offer an option for pouring disinfectant, cleaning solution or water onto wipers or mops in areas where spraying is a concern.
  • Caps have a flip-top opening that allows for easy, one-finger opening and closing without touching and contaminating the pour spout.
  • Use on any Texwipe 8,16 or 32 oz. spray bottle. (TX8270, TX3270, TX3273, TX687, TX3265, TX3267, TX650)
  • Fits ANY 28/400 thread bottle.

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