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A point-of-sale solution is an essential component of your community pharmacy. From checking out patients to managing business reports, your POS software is responsible for the day-to-day management and running of your business. However, if you do not have a fully integrated and comprehensive POS solution, both your business and your customers pay the price.  

The ideal POS solution for your pharmacy offers a seamless experience for staff and patients. It provides the tools and capabilities you need to manage your business and make informed decisions every day. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of a POS solution that works for your community pharmacy and what to look for in an integrated POS.  

What to Look for in an Integrated Pharmacy POS Solution2021-11-12_12-20-55.png

First and foremost, your POS solution should be seamlessly integrated with your pharmacy software. Trying to force POS software to work with an incompatible pharmacy system will cause headaches, slowdowns, and errors for your business. Choosing a POS that works in harmony with your pharmacy management system is crucial for patient care, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Aside from direct integration, look for these key features and functions when choosing a POS system.  

Improve the Patient Experience 

The right POS system makes it easier to satisfy your customers. There are a variety of tools and applications your pharmacy can offer through your POS to ensure you retain patients and provide a positive experience at every interaction.  

• Alerts for additional available prescriptions 

• In-workflow pop up alerts with patient information  

• Track patient purchase history  

• Patient apps to request refills and track medications 

 • Notifications for recommended supplements to avoid nutrient depletion


Minimize Dispensing Errors 

Dispensing errors slow down your pharmacy operations and put your patients in danger. Your POS software should minimize dispensing errors by providing warning messages in your existing workflow, verifying patient date of birth, and requiring pharmacist verification...

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