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Case Study: Why your facility should switch from peel-off mats to Dycem; a customer insight.

You may have seen our previous posts about the risks of using peel-off sticky mats, and the following case study from Cardiff University highlights our clients benefiting from Dycem, after they have switched over from sticky mats. We spoke to Research Fellow, Dr Edward Inglis, who works within the Geochemistry Research Laboratory at Cardiff University. Following installation we asked him a few questions and he has given us an insight into his experience with Dycem... 

What challenges did you previously encounter when trying to control contamination?

"Our facility is designed to measure natural chemical variations down to the parts per quadrillion level. Consequently, our clean zone environment is critical to our work. Previously, we had used peel-off sticky mats, but we found them frustrating. They often get stepped over, and can release many of the particles back into the environment when we change them over" ...

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