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USP <797>, USP <795>, and USP <800> Compliant Cleaning Products and Supplies - Texwipe

USP <797>, USP <795>, and USP <800> Compliant Cleaning Products and Supplies

With over 50 years of experience in the contamination control industry, Texwipe offers a complete array of cleanroom cleaning consumable products designed to exceed the requirements of USP <797>, USP <795> and USP <800>. To support our customers, we offer on-site facility cleaning consultations and training, brochures, technical articles, data sheets, step-by-step guides, and training videos. Texwipe’s broad product line includes a complete array of sterile and non-sterile ultraclean low-lint dry wipers and wipers prewetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solutions, 70% IPA solutions, and 70% denatured ethanol solutions; EPA-registered disinfectants; swabs; mops and buckets; isolator cleaning tools; and cleanroom stationery. All sterile products are double- or triple-bagged for easy introduction into sterile environments and tested for endotoxins. Products for USP <800> include hazardous drug decontamination agents, sterile and non-sterile dry and prewetted wipers, and EPA-registered disinfectants. Texwipe also develops custom products to address specific customer needs. Our highly professional team will help you select and develop cleaning products for any application to achieve contamination control in your critical, controlled, and sterile environments. 



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